Treasurer Duties include: 

  1. Receive and deposit all SMHCA funds 
  2. Disburse, by check, funds authorized by the President or Board 
  3. Close annual Association books as of the June election 
  4. Submit records to the Board of Directors monthly or as requested 
  5. Be responsible for any correspondence related to federal or state tax law 
  6. Chair the Finance Committee

At the beginning of every fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), the Treasurer shall ensure that the signature card for SMHCA’s bank account is updated to include the current president, current treasurer, and current administrative assistant.  There can only be three individuals on the card, or SMHCA will be charged $15 a month for additional names by the bank.  

Additional duties not included in the bylaws include:

  1. In June coordinate meeting at Bank of America to have any updates needed to the BOA account with previous president and include any new card holders who need to be added such as new president, current treasurer, and current administrative assistant as needed. (June)
  2. Update & Monitor Yearly Budget (each month)
  3. Access Bank of America monthly statement, create monthly Treasurer's Report, post it to the Board Forum, and present it at each month Board Meeting. (each month)
  4. File Annual Report with IRS File Here (September) 

  5. Work with President to review Administrative Services contract and bonus reviewed (October)
  6. Administrative Services contract renewal and bonus presented to the Board for approval (November)
  7. Register & Pay for Annual FMHCA Exhibitor Table (November)

  8. If approved by Board disburse annual bonus check to Administrative Assistant (December)
  9. File annual report for The Articles of Incorporation for SMHCA with Sunbiz: File Here (January)

  10. 1099-Misc for SMHCA Administrative Services must be filed before (January)

  11. Disburse check to Commercial General Liability Insurance renewal for SMHCA (March)

  12. Estimate the expenses for the next annual Budget (April)

  13. Present Proposed Budget for 20-21 to the Board for approval (May)

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