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AMHCA, ACES, NBCC, and AASCB Announce New National Licensure Portability Plan!

  • Sunday, October 06, 2019 2:27 PM
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    Aaron Norton (Administrator)

    Our parent chapter on the national level (AMHCA) has been working tirelessly for several years with other major national counseling organizations to create a national licensure portability plan that best satisfies the regulatory bodies of states throughout the country while also creating a "grandfathering process" of sorts for counselors who became licensed long before CACREP was the nationally-recognized standard that it is today.  The plan is known as the National Counselor Licensure Endorsement Process (NCLEP 2.0 to distinguish it from the older version of the plan known simply as NCLEP).

    Why is this important?  If you want to move to any other state in the country, then an interstate compact would make it very easy to get licensed in another state as compared to the rather intricate and inconsistent process that is currently available.  In order to reach the point of an interstate compact, we will first need for state legislatures to pass laws implementing NCLEP 2.0 so the qualifications for portability are similar state-by-state.  It is now up to our state associations to lobby and advocate for legislation that accomplishes this goal.  Our parent chapter on the state level (FMHCA) is indeed trying to pass legislation this year to implement a NCLPE 2.0-compatible process in Florida.

    I have attached an email from AMHCA about the issue.

    You can read an article announcing the newest version of the plan here.

    You can read additional information about NCLEP 2.0 at AMHCA's website by clicking here.  

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